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2-Day Course

« Training Force »

Wikane is running a two-day workshop for directors who prefer to turn around difficult situations rather than endure them. Centred on real-life examples and the experiences of others, it covers ways to make the most of opportunities and suggests ideas which can be implemented immediately.

2-Day Course

This realisation gave him the idea for the Training Force workshop, which aims to trigger and accelerate change when everything else is leaning towards maintaining the status quo.

“I see no better moment than a crisis to extend your own vision, take a deep breath, reflect on the SME and consider new points of view”.

Michel Courtois,

founder of Wikane,
has been working with directors through thick and thin for the last 25 years.

10-Day Course: “Quick Burst Programme”

10-Day Course

« Quick Burst Programme »

The « Quick Burst Programme » is a course offered exclusively to owners/managers of SMEs. It takes place one day per month between January and December each year, totalling ten days. It aims to give participants a clearer and more objective vision of their firm, to improve their daily working practices as a director and to lay the foundations for strong and lasting growth.

  • theoretical input on the basics: principal growth strategies, reading and interpreting balance sheets, financial packages, performance indicators etc.
  • individual and group exercises on case studies taken from the Wikane portfolio.
  • sharing experiences between directors :every participant will be invited to present the specific challenges of their SME in line with the theme of the day.
  • contributions from unique personalities : directors of SMEs which have experienced exceptional growth, sporting heroes and economic journalists. Each has a unique and valuable take on business


10-Day Course

« Becoming a consultant »

An employee won’t necessarily make a good consultant. It’s not enough to be a senior expert in your field, you also need to know how to pass on this expertise and sell it.

10-Day Course: “Becoming a consultant”.

In joining this programme, you will reap the fruit of many years of experience in just a few days. You will realise your plans and become independent, while limiting your risks. Your CV is not a passport to success, far from it, but with us it will become a real SERVICE PROPOSAL.

For trainee consultants who have chosen this great profession and who want to make the most of the lifestyle, OCTONAL offers a 10-day training programme based on 25 years’ experience. Centred on solid teaching and real-life examples, it covers ways to make the most of opportunities and suggests ideas which can be implemented immediately.

10-Day Course: “Becoming a consultant”.

You will learn to:

  • make a clear and credible offer and set reasonable prices.
  • organise your commercial approach to optimise a return on your investment
  • affirm and promote your professional experience so you can pass it on to your clients,
  • establish and systematise your approach to giving advice, so you don’t start each project from scratch
  • develop self-confidence,enthusiasm, and personal acumen which will make companies want to employ you.

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